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Lina Maria

Hi, I’m Lina Maria. I help my clients build a strong foundation for a resilient, productive, and joyful life. I use research-based tools and strategies from positive psychology to help you move forward, be more productive, and start making the changes you want for your life.



My coaching centres around your well-being — whether we focus on your career, your relationships, your productivity, or any other life changes you want to make, I can get you moving in the right direction.

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Workshops & Events

In addition to my coaching, I host an ongoing series of workshops, meetups, and groups to help you make progress towards your goals in lots of ways!

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Flourishing Skills Groups

Discover the power of positive psychology for yourself in a heart-centred group setting designed to enhance your well-being — and give you skills to live a happy life.

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Lina Maria

I'm Lina Maria Aristizabal

I am a life coach, well-being educator, and productivity expert based in Toronto, Canada.

My passion is creating meaningful, positive change in my clients' lives through coaching, consulting, and education.

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