I'm passionate about helping you creating meaningful, positive change in your life
Lina Maria

When I entered university, I wanted to find the most effective way to bring meaningful and positive change to the world.

Big job, I know.

Through my studies, I came to feel that the best approach to social transformation was through education; one that includes a broader range of skills, knowledge and awareness than what was being taught in most schools. And one that teaches them the self-awareness and skills of being a human in a social world.

This path led me to positive psychology.

Positive psychology is the scientific study of well-being, happiness, and optimal human functioning. The field was started in 1998 by Dr. Martin Seligman, who was president of the American Psychological Association at the time.

Instead of focusing on treating mental illness, positive psychology focuses on the strengths, virtues, and behaviours that allow you to to thrive! It puts your well-being at the centre of everything, rather than just trying to fix things after something is already wrong.

I saw the transformative effect positive psychology had in my life and the lives of those around me, so I completed certificate programs in Applied Positive Psychology and Positive Education from The Flourishing Center in New York, then trained as a coach through The Flourishing Centre’s Applied Positive Psychology Coaching Program.

These tools allow me focus on my passion: to support you in creating lasting, meaningful change in your life.


Love it! What’s next?

I’m so glad you asked.

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