Well-Being Talks for Women: Gratitude and Positive Emotion

Come connect with a group of women in nature and discover the transformative effects of positive psychology in creating a joyful life. In this edition, we will be working on gratitude and positive emotions.

What to Expect

In this 90-minute, low-key, and fun session we will:

  • Begin and end with a centering meditative moment,

  • Learn a little bit about positive psychology and how it works in your life,

  • Practice an activity that promotes your well-being, and

  • Have time to connect and share with other women.
    Welcome and thanks for joining Well-Being Talks for Women.

Every other week we will be doing a mini flourishing skills group, where we learn a bit about positive psychology, practice a wellbeing-promoting activity, and then connect and share with other women. It will be low key, and fun.

What to Bring

Bring a notebook, a pen, and something to sit on (like a mat or a blanket — unless you’re cool with sitting on the grass).

To Find Us

Look for the Well-Being in the Park sign. We will be close to the subway entrance in the south-east corner behind the bike share.

Event Details

When: Saturday, August 10 @ 11:00 AM

Where: Christie Pits Park (see above for specific location)

How Much: This event is free to attend, but donations are welcome.