Are you ready to learn to manage your stress and boost your well-being?

Have you ever wondered why some people flounder while other people flourish? Have you ever looked at someone’s success in life and thought, “How do they do that? And why can’t I?”

Have you ever paused to wonder what it would be like to manage your stress, increase your daily happiness, and boost your overall well-being?

Have you ever bought a self-help book praying it has the answers to boosting your self-awareness or creating optimum health?

The secret is, there’s no secret.

In order to thrive, you must learn to build a reservoir or positive emotions, learn to work through your negative emotions, build up your willpower, and learn to create nurturing relationships.

Lina Maria
That’s where Flourishing Skills Groups® come in.

They are designed to decrease stress, increase happiness, and promote well-being in a supportive, heart-centred, nurturing group setting.

As part of my commitment to helping you create meaningful, positive change in your life, I offer Flourishing Skills Groups® multiple times throughout the year.

These groups typically run for 8 weeks, are on a variety of topics, and are limited to spots for only 10 participants.

The Flourishing Skills Group® model was created by The Flourishing Center. I am a Certified Flourishing Skills Group Facilitator.