Lina’s inspiring, motivating coaching is truly refreshing, and eye opening. Her focus on research-driven, practical methods and tools, will help anyone develop the necessary skillset for self-growth, which will stay with you for the rest of your life.
— Carlos P

Happy Clients


Lina is a fabulous leader. She provides a grounded environment and gently guides everyone to reach the goals of your time together. She's a great listener who uses the synergy of the group for a transformation for each individual.

— Michelle S

Lina is a compassionate listener and will ask you the tough questions. She is an excellent guide to help you find your solutions that are meant for You! She have me some great directions and help me through some insights about myself and my relationship with my mother as caregiver. I learned the importance of setting milestones to reach meaningful goals! Thank you Lina!

— Helga D

Having experienced one of Lina's Flourishing skills sessions I can quite confidently say that she was able to create a nourishing environment that was able to serve every participant in our group. I didn't want the session to end. Fully recommend Lina and her service.