Flourishing Skills Group: New Moms

Being a new mom is a ton of work. It is beautiful, important and engaging work. And it can also be a bit isolating.
Experience the powerful combination of learning research-based tools for enhancing well being in an intimate, fun and supportive group setting. You'll be amazed at the intimacy and connection that can be created through this online platform.

Discover simple tweaks and hacks to your habits, thinking, & relationships that lead to dramatic improvements in well being. All strategies are based on scientific research from the field of positive psychology.

Topics include:
Habits: Building new and breaking old ones
Mind chatter and Neuroplasticity
Developing your strengths
Increasing Positivity in Relationships
Savouring and more...

During our time together you will focus on building mindfulness, learning and practicing well-being enhancing skills around positive psychology and share and connect with a group of like-minded and like-hearted women.

The series is eight weekly 2 hour sessions starting on Thursday June 13th.
Two time options available:
2:00-4:00pm EST OR
7:30-9:30pm EST

This is open to all moms and female-identified caregivers.
See if you can find sometime for yourself, but being a new mom is a 24 hr a day job so babies, breastfeeding, and quick trips to the other room are welcomed and encouraged.

Live, weekly, online zoom sessions.
Participants can join us from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Preregistration and an interview is required. Limited to 10 women

Regular price $320 +HST
$230 +HST if you reserve your spot before June 2nd
Want to bring a friend? 2 can sign up for $400 + HST

*A note to Americans: these prices are in Canadian dollars. At the time of this writing $1 CAD = approximately 0.74 USD. You can use your American credit card to make your payments and you will end up paying significantly less than the price listed above. It saves you $$ to buy Canadian :)

If you miss your spot in this one, there will be more FSG groups in the coming months, msg me to be put on a waiting list.
The Flourishing Skills Group model was created by The Flourishing Center.
Lina Maria Aristizabal is a Certified Flourishing Skills Group Facilitator.

About Me:

I am a certified life coach, well-being educator and productivity expert with a background in Positive Psychology. My drive has always been to find the most effective way to bring meaningful positive social change to societies and the world, which led me from studying politics, to the non-profit world, to education, and finally here, where I can put together everything I’ve learned to help people transform their lives. I am passionate about the arts, nature, building community and authenticity. I completed the Applied Positive-Psychology-based coaching program, an ACTP accredited program, through The Flourishing Center in New York. I also hold a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology and am a certified Positive Educator. I hold a Bachelor and Masters degree in Education and a Bachelors degree in Peace and Conflict Studies. 

Learn more about me here:


lina@linamariacoaching.com if you have any questions.

Testimonials from the last group

"Lina is a fabulous leader. She provides a grounded environment and gently guides everyone to reach the goals of your time together. She's a great listener who uses the synergy of the group for a transformation for each individual. I highly recommend Lina!" Michelle S.

"Having experienced one of Lina's Flourishing skills sessions I can quite confidently say that she was able to create a nourishing environment that was able to serve every participant in our group. I didn't want the session to end. Fully recommend Lina and her service." - Ara S.

Testimonials About Me:

Lina's inspiring, motivating coaching is truly refreshing, and eye opening. Her focus on research-driven, practical methods and tools, will help anyone develop the necessary skillset for self-growth, which will stay with you for the rest of your life. Very highly recommended. - Carlos P.

Lina is a compassionate listener and will ask you the tough questions. She is an excellent guide to help you find your solutions that are meant for You! She have me some great directions and help me through some insights about myself and my relationship with my mother as caregiver. I learned the importance of setting milestones to reach meaningful goals! Thank you Lina! - Helga D.

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